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Inspired Packaging. A World of Difference.

We’re a leader in the packaging industry, serving hundreds of the world’s most recognized textile brands. You’ve probably purchased many textile products sold in our packaging. Our focus on customer service has made us one of the Pakistan’s largest manufacturers of textile based packaging. We continue to set new standards for our industry, always looking ahead to help our customers meet changing consumer demands and their business goals. We design smart and attractive packaging that stands out in the highly competitive retail marketplace. But, that’s just the beginning. Our global capabilities, systems expertise and packaging solutions deliver value to our customers on many levels. We combine market-specific expertise and innovative thinking to create inspired packaging. Our mission of providing nature-based, renewable packaging improves the environment for us all. That’s why the world’s leading consumer and commercial brands are drawn to us. That’s what we expect our packaging solutions to deliver. And that’s why we continue to raise the bar.

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